Just What I Needed: Banana Un-Ice Cream


Yes, I am still here. Still sitting here, at the computer trying to muster up some words to share with you all.
Problem is, I don’t have much to share except that…. whew, I needed that!!

I needed that break from you all.
No, no, please don’t take it that way. What I mean is that I needed a break from this computer. Some time away to focus on other parts of me. Other parts that don’t involve technology, which had started to suck me dry. I’m at the computer all day for work, then for fun with social media and I was just struggling to keep my interest up at night.


Instead, I pulled on a pair of running shoes and found my path. See, it’s pretty hard to have the goal of getting up at 5:00 am for a run when you’ve been up until 12 am working on blog posts and “catching up” with the world.

I needed another outlet. So, thanks to my inspiring rockstar running buddy, I found it!

No worries though! I have still been cooking and even snapping a few pictures to share with you all. But, before I share any of those. I need to sharethis recipe with you!

Do you have a guess where I got the inspiration for this recipe?  Yep, Pinterest! It was the “healthy” ice cream theme that got my attention. You can see what the other recipe looks like and how I tweaked it for my taste buds.

It was just what I needed tonight! Something cold, sweet and healthy to enjoy after a nice long run. Can’t beat that combination!


Banana Un-Ice Cream
(adapted by Use Real Butter)

4 ripe bananas (sliced and frozen)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp natural peanut butter
1 tbsp cocoa powder
water as needed


In a food processor add the frozen banana slices. Very important to have frozen banana slices! Whole bananas will kill your food processor. – Process the bananas until they turn to a crumb like texture. Turn processor off and scrape crumbs down to the center and add vanilla, peanut butter and honey. Process until ingredients turn to a creamy texture. This is where the “ice cream” happens! Add cocoa powder and blend. IF the texture does not turn creamy then add a small amounts of water to help cream contents.

See, just what I needed. Ah…

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